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There is an old saying "if you don't ask, you don't get" Ill reply to your message in a timely manner and do my very best to answer any questions you may have and hopefully add your wedding date to the calendar.

Look forward to hearing all about your story!

I want to hear all about your story

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Do you just photograph Weddings?

How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images and printed album?

No, I photograph everything and anything! Basically if a camera can be pointed at it then I can photograph it. I do real estate photography for investors, Family photography, Holy Communions, Business launches etc. Variation is always a good thing and keeps me inspired.

Long gone are the days of waiting forever for your images. The following morning I upload a series of images to your private online gallery for you to share with family and friends, this also builds the excitement! Super easy to share from the gallery or download. The rest of the images I add as I work through the rest and your able to see the progress that is being made and of course have new images daily to share and shout about. Album depends how quick you proof them and supplier but usually this is much quicker than anticipated.

Do you have Insurance?

What happens if you get sick or can’t travel?

Absolutely ! All gear is insured plus public liability and professional indemnity insurance is in place.

Let's just say I have never missed a wedding due to illness but in the extremely rare circumstance that I cannot photograph your wedding I have a number of photographers who are ready to step in and cover your day. I do all the editing so it will be in the same style and consistency. Being part of a network of photographers means cover is always available.

Do you do engagement / pre-wedding photographs?

Your style is quite natural but do you take group photos?

Being honest some couples love these and others aren't interested in them it all depends what you want. I find these great for getting the couple in front of camera and really having fun. It lets them see what way I work and how relaxed it all is. These sessions can be used for save the date cards, I can supply these too!

Great little detail when guests receive save the date card with your pre-wedding photo on it.

Yes formal photos are always taken where required. I have a simple process to get these done quickly so that your not dragged away from your friends and family, meaning more time spent having fun instead of looking at the camera. Nobody wants to spend hrs looking at the camera wasting half the evening, its your day not the photographers.

We don't like our photos being taken, is this a problem?

Do you blog all your weddings?

For every problem there is a solution and potential. This is where experience comes in and I will have you both relaxed and having fun in no time. This is quite common and its a few simple things can mean the difference and put the couple at ease. All you have to do is enjoy your day, forget about me and I'll nail the rest. Check out my reviews from some couples who don't like the camera.

No....unfortunately time is a huge factor and if I'm out 3-4 wedding days in a row then it's just not possible. I do post a few weddings throughout the year when I get time but otherwise I like to limit my time in font of the computer and increase my time with the family. Do not be discouraged if your wedding has not appeared on the blog it's due to the above reasons only. I would like to create more articles and upload them and I may do that as I go along to help you guys out.

How do I get my images?

Do we need to feed you on the wedding day?

You will have your own private, password protected gallery. An email will be sent the following morning with a sneak preview of some images, it will have a pass code within and a click off a button take you to your gallery. This is where all your images will go and you can download them all onto a USB, CD or wherever you choose. This ensures you get your images super fast and not waiting on a USB or CD being sent out. I do supply USB & Presentation box as an extra. All images will be high resolution ready for printing or if you want to reduce the hassle then you can purchase prints from your gallery and have them sent to your front door. Convenience and speed along with security is why this is the new, best method in photo delivery. Always back your images up!

Weddings are expensive enough without adding another mouth to feed. I always come prepared with food so keep a small army going so I will be fine, there is no requirement to feed me. During the meal I will go off and do some backups and change kit out for the next part of the reception.

What extras do you offer?

Can we buy a wedding album at a later date?

* Save the date cards - images used from engagement/ pre-wedding session

* Thank you cards - Image from wedding thanking guests for coming

* USB & Presentation boxes

* Prints

* Framed prints - Can show you various layouts on your own wall - digitally

* Trash the dress photo session

* Gift Certificate - Wedding gift list - add your photography package to this

In my packages some have an option to purchase an album at a later date, album included and one without an album. I always tell my couples to budget for an album if you think it is something you really want. The packages with option of album at a later date, I will have these already done out and probably have sent you slideshow of the album layout which you can change layout and amend etc and its sitting ready for when you wish to purchase it. For the package that no album is included no layout is completed or sent for this so if you did decide you wanted an album a year down the line then it would be from scratch and product price may well have changed. If you purchase the package with album included then you know what your getting and at that exact price, smaller books of the main album can be purchased too for family members at an extra cost.

What is your dress code for weddings?

How much in advance should I book you?

I always appear smartly dressed along with the other guests at your wedding. Only difference being I'm the one with 2 cameras going about like an eejit grabbing the moments as they unfold.

It's never too soon to start thinking about booking your photographer.

Just like your venue the photographer should be right up next to that as we book up a year, 2 years and sometimes 3 years in advance so the quicker you secure your date then you wont miss out.

Do you offer payment plans?

Why should we pick you?

I do indeed! Deposit of £300 secures your wedding date. The remaining balance is available at 0% finance on my packages, meaning you can pay via instalments if it makes it easier for you both. If this was the option you wanted then I would fully discuss it all with you and explain how simple and flexible it is.

It's important you click with your photographer, if your personalities are similar it makes things so much easier. If your happy with your photographer then you will be more relaxed on the day and this means better photos. Wedding photographers are not all one size fits all type of thing. You must pick your photographer based on what suits you both and what your both happy with.

I'm there to capture your day, have an awesome time and provide you images that tell your story, moments you can relive forever. Fun, easy going and plenty of giggles is what your wedding day should be all about, not pouting and posing for a photographer. I don't do rewards, I don't nominate myself for these common awards that all you have to do is enter to win. What matters to me is the couples, their reaction, their laughs, their tears of joy as they phone me to say thank you. You's aren't my clients you are my friends because no doubt we just had an absolute blast of a day. That is a the best reward I can think of and that actually means something.

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