Micro Weddings in NOrthern Ireland During Covid-19

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Covid-19 has created some challenging times and a huge shock for the world. The health of one another is dependant on our discipline in following the rules and limiting our social and physical networks. It's a huge change for everyone, we are so use to being free to do what we wish and it has all changed leaving a huge impact on not just our own well being but the world around us.

Covid-19 restrictions in Northern Ireland has made couples approach their wedding plans differently. The days of huge weddings and people from afar coming to celebrate has at the moment turned into something of the past.

For many it means postponing their Northern Ireland wedding for they want that huge wedding and all of their family and friends around them. For others its an obstacle they will overcome, they want to get married and the thought of postponing is not an option for them.

For these couples who do not have the option of cancelling and just want to get married no mater what, this is where for the current time, size matters. Below we will look at the different wedding terms and the differences between them.


A marriage often done in secret, the importance placed on just the two of you, your officiant and two witnesses. For some this is exciting and they love the thought of having this moment all to themselves then surprising everyone.

Intimate Wedding:

The size of this type of wedding is usually no more than 50 people, consisting of your closest friends and family. Often you see these types of weddings in smaller venues that have loads of character and beautiful warm lighting creating that intimate feeling. These types of weddings are quite flexible in that less has to be managed to a certain degree and more freedom to customise things to suit you and your guests. Less numbers often mean less cost but it's not always the case depending on venue and time of year.

Micro Wedding:

This is the new wedding term for many in Northern Ireland. During Covid-19 restrictions this is the new type of wedding day many are having instead of postponing their day.

Micro wedding is usually 25 guests or less. There are no big arrangements needed or seating plans and everything can be done exactly as you wish in whatever order you wish.

This still consists of a ceremony and sometimes restrictions permitting a reception of some sort. It's a more relaxed wedding day and more tailored to your own personalities and styling. Catering becomes less expensive due to the small numbers but it means you can really go all out with it and offer anything you wish as your budget will not be as stretched if for say you had 90 guests.

I've noticed that micro weddings in Northern Ireland give the bride and groom more time together and more conversations with those who are close to them. Big weddings don't get me wrong can be spectacular but the amount of time a bride and groom get with each other on big weddings is very limited due to the number of guests who wish to speak to them.

Miro wedding needs to be on an agreement between you both, really nail down what you really need ands what you could possibly do without. It's not how much money you spend on the wedding that makes it special, it's the people you share your day with that really makes it special.

How you choose your Northern Ireland Wedding venue is up to you both, but remember don't go looking to book the biggest room in the venue. Remember how may guests you have and keep things simple and in proportion.

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