Covid-19 Wedding Cancellations – Your legal rights

Covid -19 Wedding Cancellations

Your legal rights

Covid-19 Wedding Cancellations - Your rights

There have been many discussions with couples and problems arising when it comes to refunds or moving dates with some venues or suppliers. It's always worth knowing where you stand legally and what you can do if your faced with a situation where maybe your venue/suppliers are not being fair during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are your rights?

The UK government have in place what is called the Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA), their job is quite simple, to regulate how companies operate and ensure fairness to consumers.

1. A supplier or Venue CANNOT keep payments for a service that has not been delivered. When you are told you must settle the full fee because you are canceling they are in fact in breach of this.

2. You are NOT bound by any agreement/contract you have already signed if it is deemed unfair. Don't accept the whole you signed the contract you agreed to the terms and you must pay. Again this is against CMA rules and you cannot be held to this.

3. It does not matter which party cancels. I've heard couples say if they cancel they cannot get a refund. This is false, if you cancel or the venue cancels your still entitled to a refund.

4: You may not get a FULL refund. When any booking is placed, time and effort are put into that and of course, time is not free. Any materials or supplies again are an expense to venue/suppliers. These are classed as recoverable costs and rightly compensated if you terminate or cancel the contract. Anything on top of this should be returned to you regardless of what the booking fee or deposit has been stated. No entitlement to keep anything more than the costs incurred and your not liable for a service undelivered.

5: They say the fee covers missed bookings? Nonsense! Missed bookings is not a recoverable cost. The old sad story of "oh we could have taken an alternative booking so the full fee is owed" Let's highlight again only UNRECOVERABLE costs can be withheld.

6: We can offer you a voucher, re-booking, credit, bag of Tayto Cheese & Onion. Venues/suppliers may offer you the above instead of parting with your money but do not feel pressured into accepting this. If you want your hard-earned cash back you are legally entitled apart from uncoverable costs.

Anybody needing a copy of the CMA guidelines or the document that all venues would have received and should be aware of give me a shout and I'll link it to you.

You may also report any supplier not acting fairly in response to Covid-19 via the CMA portal. (Expect a long wait)

With Covid-19 restrictions for weddings in Northern Ireland ongoing, a reduction in guest numbers are needed. Check out our Micro Wedding Package specifically to cater for the smaller intimate wedding day.


I spoke to a supplier who told me we would lose our deposit and details were in the contract. After reading this and having a discussion we got our deposit refunded minus just £100. Still better than nothing giving how hard things are right now.

Glad to hear you got sorted out Leah, hopefully you can put that stress behind you now.

Fantastic information, we got our wedding date changed no problem after originally being told it would cost us more. Glad we came across this thanks!

Hi James, glad you got some value from the information. I wish you both the very best with your wedding.


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