Cushendall Wedding – Cathy & Dave

Cushendall Wedding

Cathy and Dave got married on the 4th of July. The ceremony took place in St Mary’s RC Church and the reception was held in Cushendall Sailing & Boating Club. When I initially spoke with Cathy and heard the location of the wedding I was excited. Cushendall is a place we love to go as a family with the kids and I remember commenting on how I would like to photograph a wedding in this part of the country.

The story of Cathy and Dave is no ordinary adventure, it’s one that sums them up perfectly. Cathy from a little Irish village of Cushendall and Dave from New Zealand and a mad cricket fan, they met in Hong Kong whilst travelling and although they went the separate ways they still kept in touch. Dave must have made a serious impression for later Cathy joined Dave in New Zealand and settled in quite quickly. Met in Hong Kong, live in New Zealand and got married in Ireland, it is like a title for a book!

On the big day, I turned up at 1215 and took some pictures of the Church and inside, etc while I waited on the Dave and the boys to arrive. When they turned up it was in true Irish fashion with a bottle of whiskey in the hand and heart of Lions game for anything. They were all so chilled out and looking sharp ready to go. We took a few pictures outside and a few details of what they were wearing and had a few laughs. Cuff links came from the Giants Causeway where they had visited a year earlier and was a nice touch to the wedding attire.

Everything has a story and the ties they were wearing had a close meaning. They wore these ties specifically for a family member who had passed and just as they had drunk whiskey to past family members they now wore these ties close to the heart. Hearing the story was beautiful and showed just how amazing these guys are when they had family in the heart and minds on this special day.

Guests started to arrive with some of the family meeting for the first time, handshakes and hugs were the order of the day. As the guests started to take their seats and prepare for the beautiful bride, Dave made his way inside to take up his place. A harp was playing near the front of the Church by Laura McCann, the sound of the harp was very calming and added that Irish touch to it.

The bride and bridesmaids arrived outside and looked stunning! No nerves as I could tell, just excitement to get down that aisle and marry her man. Cathy’s mum and dad were very proud, you could tell from their faces just how happy they were.

The ceremony was beautiful with Father Luke McWilliams leading a lovely sermon. The readings spoke of love and commitment and there was no doubt Cathy and Dave had that in abundance.

After the Ceremony, there were a few formal pictures at the church then back to the house for photos before proceeding to the beach. The beach is where Cathy and friends played on the rocks as kids and again incorporating memories into her wedding day by going back there once again. Cushendall is a place where everybody knows everybody, Cathy walked along towards the beach and it was like royalty with people shouting and cheering her on.

We walked towards the reception which was held in Cushendall Sailing & Boating Club. Beautiful reception area with staff who were very friendly and welcoming. The colours and table layouts were perfect and really was impressive. The catering was provided by Janes Kitchen and to be honest I have never seen a finer spread, totally nailed it and had guests almost knocking doors down to get at it.

A few pictures from the balcony and that wrapped things up for me at the wedding. Grace was said by Cathy’s mum and the stampede followed behind the bride and groom to get to the beautiful food. A pint of Guinness to toast the bride and groom and a life full of eternal happiness.

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