Leighinmohr House Hotel Wedding

leighinmohr House Hotel Wedding | Nicola & William

Nicola and William tied the knot on the 17th of August at the beautiful Leighinmohr House Hotel in Ballymena.

This wedding was truly something else in many ways! Nicola contacted me in June and gave me the date she was considering for their big day. Originally I thought 2020 so checked my diary and replied like normal stating I was available. This was the point where ordinary was thrown out the window and she told me nope 2 months!

I initially planned on wrapping things up for the year due to Erin expecting our second child in September but this was the sister of Alison who I shot their wedding for back in August last year. For anyone to be planning a wedding in 2 months is stressful but Nicola was so chilled out and laid back about it all like it was just another day.

I met up with Nicola and William a short time after this to go over wedding details and they had just about got the ball rolling with things and again no urgency or panic between them. Amazed by it all I was looking forward to this as it was exactly 8 weeks they would be getting married.

William kept Nicola waiting oh just a tad over 20 years to finally get married. Most people including myself thought they were already married but William was saving it for a big special day but finally came to his senses shall we say and decided to marry the woman who keeps him on the straight and narrow.

The morning of the wedding I called out to Nicola and the rest of the bridal party who were all getting hair done and makeup sorted. Nicola was as “cool as a cucumber” as she put it, no nerves, no panic, just Nicola being the laid back individual she is. I always considered myself laid back but she takes it to a whole new level.

The wedding venue was the stunning Leighinmohr House Hotel in Ballymena. Popular for good reason and that was evident from the welcome from the staff the moment you stepped foot through the door. A few shots of the ceremony room and a chat with Rodney Beggs who would be singing at the ceremony got me underway as I waited on the cars arriving with the bridal party. The details of the venue and the little extras were just perfect.

Guests started to take their places inside as the ladies arrived in grand style. Outside they talked amongst themselves and last-minute lipstick application before going inside. Nicolas dress was stunning and the attention to detail was just awesome. The ceremony was truly beautiful with captivating speeches. A few laughs throughout proved just how easy going Nicola and William were, perfect in every way for each other.

After the ceremony, we went down to the new garden area of Leighinmohr House Hotel and were met with what I can only describe was a storm! Not to be deterred, everyone was still up for getting out between the showers of rain and get a few photos to remember this special day by. The lads even had some fancy boxing shorts underneath that they got out towards the end.

8 Weeks to plan the biggest day of their lives and not only did Nicola and William achieve this, but they also did it in fine fashion, coolness and in the most laid back way I have ever seen in all my life. I wish both of you a life of eternal happiness.


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