Templeton Hotel – Christine & Edward

From the Isle of Man to Templeton Hotel in Northern Ireland


On the 2nd February, Christine and Edward had a beautiful Templeton Hotel Wedding in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland.

Templeton Hotel has been open since 1991 and a well-known venue within County Antrim. The Hotel operates a “one wedding per day” policy to ensure first class service and attention. Staff was fantastic and from photographers, view they will do anything you kindly ask of them even if it means running a little over the time.


I met Christine and her mum just before Christmas in Belfast for a quick chat and a few details about the wedding day. Christine and Edward both living in the Isle of Man were spending time with their families over the Christmas period. Christine was very easy going and laid back about it all, nothing about getting married or the amount of planning seemed to faze her in any way. The big surprise came when she said she had just bought her dress moments before we met up and when I asked for a sneak preview I got a little excited…OK major excited! A Templeton Hotel Wedding with no rule book. They decided to do things their way!


This was to be a wedding that did not follow any rule book, current trends or the usual white wedding dress theme. Christine and Edward decided to make it personal, arranging and making pretty much everything themselves which is fantastic and takes quite a bit of imagination and teamwork. The dress was Green and being Christine who is a massive die-hard Ireland Rugby fan, it was never going to be any other colour. We talked about how they met and little sentimental items she cherished from their time together.

The story was amazing, the dress was beautiful and I could not wait to shoot this wedding!

I arrived at Templeton Hotel about an hour before the bride was due in order to get the venue shots and do a quick recce of the area as it had frozen tight just the night before. I arrived just as the pavements were being gritted, so access to the back garden was still a valid option for later in the day. The staff were just amazing and had everything running smoothly and could not have been more welcoming.

The bride arrived to make a few last minute adjustments to the tables and with help from her mum and quite a few safety pins later the stage was set. On wards to their room, it was not chaos but a very relaxed atmosphere and the girls all organised and ready to go. A few pics of the girls getting ready and it was off to find Edward and the boys before we had to move upstairs for the ceremony.


The ceremony room was well laid out and perfect for the small intimate wedding that was planned. It really did look lovely and a credit to Templeton Hotel for being able to provide exactly what is needed to fit the ceremony. Edward had his game face on but I’m sure there were a few nerves charging through his body. The girls entered, followed by the beautiful bride and her mum, they both looked smashing as they made their way to the front.

The ceremony passed without a hitch and it was downstairs for a few refreshments before having formal pictures taken. The lads were first up and the laughs were plenty as we took a few photos and pints going down like there was a rapid thirst on. A ripped trousers incident did not deter one of the men with the jokes being on him as a result. This wedding was all about being chilled out and relaxed and it was certainly living up to that.

The ladies and mixed family pictures were next and with the temperature around -1 there was no hanging about. With Christine being a huge rugby fan I decided to throw a bit of fun into the mix with a rugby ball, even having a line up at a stage which was a great laugh and created a few moments to cherish forever.

Speeches were a journey, it’s amazing how much you learn about the Bride and Groom during these moments, with the best man wrestling the mic a few times due to it not functioning as well as he had hoped and the father of the Bride and Groom both delivering a great speech, the words of wisdom were flowing.

Fantastic wedding, amazing people, awesome venue and a day I shall remember for a long time! I’d like to thank Christine and Edward for having me on their big day and wish them a long and happy life together. Also, like to thank the staff at the Templeton Hotel who were excellent on the day and look forward to being back very soon!

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